Following a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death can feel like you’ve crash landed into a barren landscape or a dark wood with no reference point and no compass. I’m here to help you find your footing and a way back home.


Healing Circles

Join this ancient practice of sitting in circle among sisters. In community a profound comfort and nourishment emerges. A remembrance that you are not alone. That your story is worthy of being heard, you of being held, and your loss honored.


One-on-One Support

Simple rituals have the power to provide profound healing. Let me craft a unique ritual for you to honor your grief and loss. Together we will make sure it resonates and is just the thing your heart and family are craving.

What you are doing by creating space and ritual around loss of infants and pregnancies is nothing short of radical! I have deep deep gratitude for it.
— Krista A.

Calming Anxiety & Overwhelm in Times of Grieving: A FREE AUDIO GUIDE


Three simple exercises to center and calm during times of high stress. Designed as lifelines to do anytime, anywhere (without anyone noticing) for when you’re about to breakdown crying, punch someone, or run, but you can’t - cause you know, you’re giving a work presentation, picking up your older kid from school or sitting down to dinner with your in-laws.

Thank you for all you are doing to bring light and self-love to our bodies as they move through grief!!
— Kelly M.