Photography by Philip Hutcherson

My name’s Laurel Marlantes. In 2014, my life changed unexpectedly, very quickly. My first child was stillborn. It was as if I had fallen through a loophole in the universe. Nothing made sense. I was lost, scared, and in terrible pain. I left my life as a professional actor and interior designer in Los Angeles and slipped into refuge on a little island outside Seattle.

Who would have known that the very principles I practice in my professional life would end up being my salve and salvation in my personal life? I used the tools I knew and dived deep into practices of play, storytelling, beauty and creating spaces. Later, I combined these skills to create what I had craved - a healing circle of sisters whose lives and hearts had been broken in similar fashion as mine. Shared space designated as sacred, filled with love, beauty, no judgement, and play in the form of ritual and storytelling.

Tending to the dark with an energy rooted in light birthed from love, beauty and play is not just possible, but true medicine. And it is my passion, honor, and mission to spread this medicine to all those who walk in darkness and whose hearts ache.


I greet you from the other side of sorrow and despair with a love so vast and shattered it will reach you everywhere.
— Leonard Cohen