3 ways you might be feeling the Full Moon tonight

Tonight, the Moon is FULL ON. The brightest of 2019. 

The Full Moon brings out something different in all of us. I like to think She knows what She's doing and illuminating just that thing you need at this moment.

Here's 3 ways you might be feeling Her over the next day or so, and what to do about it:

1.  You’re a little wired and finding it hard to sleep. When it’s a full moon, the earth is positioned directly between the sun and the moon. This energetic pull in opposite directions can lead to feeling a little manic, or energetically "frazzled."

If this is you? Ground. May I recommend PJ's, a jar of Peanut butter (serious, the fats and proteins help), and a low-intensity TV show or snuggly book. That, or a long shower.

2.  You’re feeling your sexy self. Full moons have a way of bringing out and magnifying your Shine. It's the same energy as ovulation, summer, and full bloom time. It's prime "visibility" time.

If this is you? Let Her Out. Go on that date or plan that speaking engagement. Wear those heels to the grocery store or that item in your closet you’ve never been sure you can pull off. Tonight, you just might.

3.  You feel a sense of clarity around what you want and what's important to you. The full moon can have a way of illuminating your desires and your boundaries.

If this is you? It’s a great time to have a hard conversation or send that email asking for help. You might surprise yourself with your ability to speak clearly with a sense of confidence.

The important thing is to start noticing how YOU feel on the full moon. Make a simple mental note, or better yet, track your energy and feelings in a journal. You might notice you feel different month to month depending on what else is happening in your life. Yet, over time you might start to see trends. Which is awesome cause now you can begin to schedule activities in alignment with the natural energy in you and around you, bringing more “flow” and ease into your life. It’s like learning to swim downstream. Upcoming presentation? Hot date? Hard conversation? Schedule it for the next full moon. Chances are it will go swimmingly.

So, I’d love to hear - how are you feeling this full moon?