The New Year's question you've never been asked that will shift EVERYTHING

Every New Year’s the inevitable questions arise. You can’t escape it.

  • Have a New Year’s resolution?

  • Got any goals for the New Year? Yeah? Tell me about them.

  • Ugh. Resolutions never sick (and so 2000). Intentions are so much more approachable. Got any intentions for the New Year?

  • You know what's easy and works? A word. Just a single word. It’s pretty much an intention, but the CliffsNotes version. So, got a word? Yeah? What is it?

OMG… Starting to feel a little panic-y?

Yeah... me too.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to think and define my intentions, write down my goals, and I have indeed picked a word, just like I’m guessing you might. I love the feeling of hope, the sensation of a fresh start. And I absolutely believe all this has merit.

BUT... When it comes down on you all at once, doesn’t it just start to feel like, pressure? And well, that’s never good. Pressure freezes you. Makes it hard to think. Hard to hear your authentic brightest self through all the noise, all the "New Year, New You, What’s it gonna be - figure it out now" mania.

So, I thought I’d share a different approach. A question that doesn’t add to the clutter, but cuts through it. One that Reverend Leon from The Agape International Spiritual Center asked this week, and it shifted everything for me. What if instead of asking yourself what do you want to do, have, be this year. You ask:

What am I Available for this year?

Like with a capital A.

It might seem like a subtle shift, but I promise, it's a big one.

Wanting and desiring something is very different than being available for it. You might want a new job, new home, new boyfriend… that travel opportunity, or develop a magical life-changing habit. But if you get real honest with yourself, at an energetic level are you truly Available for it? Like no resistance at all to it?

Asking for something new in our life, be it a thing, person, feeling or state-of-mind, can be scary. That which is new to us is unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar is scary. So, naturally, we resist it. We’re human, it’s a trait that’s kept us safe and helped us survive (new berry? hmmm… let’s think about this…). But resistance to desires and change that our heart’s calling to and curious to encounter? Well, that shit just get’s in the way.

Shifting from being in a state of desiring to a state of availability is game-changing. It shifts us from head, to heart. From getting to receiving, from making to allowing.

For example, if I said to you Michelle Obama called and she wants to know if you can have brunch with her and Oprah next Tuesday, are you available?

Would you say "I don't know, I think so, I mean they’re both my heroes and it’s a total dream scenario of mine, but I'll have to check my calendar and get back to you." Or, would you say "Hell YES!" and figure the details out later?

You would say HELL YES.

THAT is the energy I'm talking about.

So, this year, I’m curious, what are you Available for?

Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear all about it.

And Thank You, Reverend Leon, for the inspiration.